Our Approach

As designers and consultants, we advocate for bringing intelligent solutions to life quickly and thoughtfully by implementing processes that continually balance design research with design craft. We are equally passionate about the design of our products and about the methods by which we arrived at those designs. We are sticklers for the details that bring a product to life. We are expert collaborators and Jira champions. We work very well with existing engineering, design, and project management teams to understand expectations and consistently over-deliver on our promises.

We have worked on the forefront of digital technology over the last 20+ years creating solutions and prototypes for digital content systems using Sketch, Invision, Figma, and /or Adobe Creative Suite.

We test preferably using Google Optimize and/or Adobe Target.

We analyze with Adobe Analytics, GA 360, and ContentSquare to make informed recommendations.

It is our belief that success involves revealing the right information in a strategic timeframe, and that metrics and analytics dictate the effectiveness of that story.

By researching multiple solutions, A/B testing prototypes, and studying the analytics, we discover what works best and run with it.

Meet the Team

With our highly skilled digital, marketing and creative talent, best-in-class customer service and two decades of experience, we will get the job done.


Seth Magee

UX / UI / Full Stack Development

I am a New York based Developer & Designer with a passion for creating awesome and effective visual identities for companies of all sizes.


Nalyse Seamore

Business Operations Manager/Design Specialist

15+ years of experience in the graphic design field, designing all types of marketing collateral for a variety of different industries.


PARIS Beldman

Motion Graphics & Front-End

I am an animator with a passion for fun, challenging motion design work. I have a decade of experience working with a wide range of clients, broadcast networks, and design studios.

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